I Started a Podcast

Hi Everyone, So I decided to do a thing and I started my own podcast! I am very excited about it because it brings me joy. My podcast is about anything and everything. Each episode I plan on have a guest where we just talk about random topics. The name of the podcast is Real… Continue reading I Started a Podcast


Hi Everyone, I am writing because it is currently night time and I cannot sleep. This is the fourth day in a row where I cannot sleep at all. If any of you have tips or tricks to help you sleep leave a comment below, it would be much appreciated! Besides that here is a… Continue reading Insomnia

Feeling like myself

Hi again, Today was an amazing day for me. I finally felt like myself and had no negative thoughts or worries on my mind. I actually got a lot of things accomplished and look forward to doing more tomorrow. On that note, it's crazy how bipolar disorder works. We all know people have manic and… Continue reading Feeling like myself

Fresh air

Today I was able to go outside and take a short walk with my boyfriend through the woods behind his house. It was wonderful just to get outside and do something other than sit in the house and wait for this pandemic to be over. It is important that we go out and get fresh… Continue reading Fresh air

Millions of side projects

If you're anything like me, you have a million side projects that are unfinished in the corner of your bedroom. Every idea seems like a great new idea and you have to do it right away. Unfortunately, this is an every day thing I live with. Living bipolar disorder can be frustrating because you have… Continue reading Millions of side projects

Anxiety during a Pandemic

Hi Everyone, I hope you are staying at home if you can and staying healthy! If you are an essential worker, I just want to say thank you for going out there and helping us! For the rest of us, including me, staying at home basically being quarantined can be hard on our mental health.… Continue reading Anxiety during a Pandemic

Roller coaster of Emotions

For those of you who are new to my blog and for those who have been following for a while I just wanted to share something with you all that I have recently learned. I have Bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with this disorder a while ago but no one thought it was serious and… Continue reading Roller coaster of Emotions


Tornado - 8/27/19 It is the tornado of emotions waiting to destroy me. Bright blue skies and white clouds  turn into dark, stormy, and unpleasant clouds in an instant. My mind can be in its happiest place and turn into the worst place in an instant. Clouds swirling around me, what is going to happen… Continue reading Tornado