The Force

Hi Everyone. Today I bring you a poem called "The Force". A few days ago I found myself in a really bad spot and all of a sudden I couldn't stop crying. This force came over me and my body couldn't hold back no more.  I have been on an emotional roller coaster this past… Continue reading The Force



2/19/19 - Friend You told me to write so anger took flight. You asked me how to help then didn't listen and tore me down. Little did you know that phrase had so much but you were careless and threw the punch. You will never understand, but it is not your place to stand. Here… Continue reading Friend

The Merry-go-Round

Lights and music, appealing to my simple mind. Your beautiful art draws me in and puts me in a trance. Round and round you go. I enjoy the ride for a short time. Faster and faster you go, wondering where is the end to this show. Faster and faster you go, mind my is out… Continue reading The Merry-go-Round

The Simple Effects of Breathing

Hello Readers, Today I want to write and talk about the benefits and positive effects of breathing exercises while experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. Since I have been going to counseling on a weekly basis, my anxiety has been at an all time low which is great. Just a few days ago I had… Continue reading The Simple Effects of Breathing

The 21 Day Battle

Hi Everyone! I bring you another short story today. This story has to do with my battle of picking. As some of you may know I have trichotilliomania (big word for hair pulling). I am currently in counseling and have found ways to stop picking. So far it has been 3 days since I have… Continue reading The 21 Day Battle

The Background

Hi everyone and Happy 2019! Today I bring you a short story that seems different from the ones I have written in the past. I would only write short stories when I would be suffering from anxiety and hair picking, but my counselor Sophia told me to write about the good times as well. So… Continue reading The Background